Github Projects

  • Mockup

    Make sure your designs are pixel perfect

  • FluidGallery

    An image gallery for people who like to scroll

  • Robocons

    My personal icon kit for User Interfaces

  • Pyramid

    A Jekyll theme to stand the test of time.

  • Caviar

    A Jekyll theme to be served as a garnish or a spread.

  • Stockholm

    A Jekyll theme for the international crowd.

  • SketchWire

    Sketch In 3D.

  • AutoScroll

    jQuery plugin to scroll overflowing elements based on mouse position.

  • CharCycle

    JQuery plugin to create a cycling effect on selected text at some event.

  • SlidePanel

    Another JQuery Panel Plugin.

  • bash-scripts

    Some bash scripts that I wrote and regularly use.

  • WebGLStage

    A simple stage for viewing 3d models in WebGL.

  • More on My Github